Richmond, VA / Bentonville, AR (December 6th 2017) – Excite Fundraising, LLC has strengthened their position as a leader in fundraising for high school and collegiate athletic programs by announcing a new strategic partnership with Virginia-based event promotion and digital ticketing company, Ticket Spicket.

Together, Excite and Ticket Spicket will deliver professional-level online and printed ticket solutions to schools across the country. The two companies will integrate their revenue generation efforts to provide athletic programs with a one-stop shop for reaching new levels of success.

“This partnership creates both a key differentiator for us as well as a competitive advantage in the high school fundraising marketplace,” explained Ryan Hughes, President and General Manager, Excite Fundraising. “More importantly, we can deliver a superior customer experience for our clients. We are thrilled to expand our offerings through our collaboration with Ticket Spicket and benefit from their fan engagement and online ticketing expertise.”

Ticket Spicket helps athletic programs sell more tickets by staying connected with their fans across channels while rewarding their continued support and attendance. The Ticket Spicket platform also enables national brands and local businesses to provide financial support to the school’s programs while simultaneously reaching consumers.

“We are thrilled to integrate Ticket Spicket’s technology with Excite and its clients,” described Russell Hertzberg, co-founder of Ticket Spicket. “Today’s activity director has a number of roles and responsibilities that they’re managing at any given time. We feel that this partnership strengthens our collective ability to provide these administrators tools that save time, increase revenue generation, and allow them to be successful at new levels.”

Ticket Spicket’s event promotion and digital ticket platform will immediately be made available to Excite clients who want to connect with their fan base before and after sporting events while offering a wide range of additional ticket options.

“This partnership between Excite and Ticket Spicket couldn’t be more of a natural fit,” added Donnie Schemetti, co-founder of Ticket Spicket. “Excite is all about bringing the highest quality of products and fundraising to athletic departments – which goes hand in hand with our level of commitment to the event promotion and ticketing services we’re currently providing to our schools. We’re proud to be aligned with a great organization like Excite and we’re very much looking forward to working together.”

Ticket Spicket’s platform will be utilized at Excite Fundraising Headquarters in Arkansas as of January 2018. Current Excite clients interested in utilizing Ticket Spicket’s online ticketing, event promotion, and fan engagement campaigns should contact their local Excite representative for further details.

About Excite Fundraising, LLC

Excite Fundraising’s full-service fundraising platform helps both collegiate and high school sports programs raise funds to support their activities. Founded in 2016, Excite is based in Bentonville, AR and works with school programs in more than 30 states. To learn more, visit

About Ticket Spicket
Ticket Spicket’s unique event promotion, online ticketing, and sponsorship technology has changed the game for high school athletic departments since launching in 2016. For more information, visit or follow Ticket Spicket on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.