We’re excited to welcome the Eagles of Montverde Academy to the 2018-2019 Ticket Spicket team!

Montverde Academy has won a record 4 national high school basketball championships in the past 6 years and has recently graduated well-known pros such as Ben Simmons, D’Angelo Russell, and Joel Embiid.

Montverde athletic programs have won 11 national championships overall in the last decade and more than 35 Montverde student-athletes have gone pro during that time. Ticket Spicket’s pro-level ticket products will be used exclusively at Montverde athletic events for the upcoming school year.

Ticket Spicket’s unique event promotion, online ticketing, and sponsorship technology has changed the game for high school athletic departments since launching in 2016. As a NIAAA preferred ticketing solution, Ticket Spicket is now providing ticketing for schools in +20 states from coast to coast.

For more information on the advantages of Ticket Spicket’s pro-level ticketing platform, be sure to visit www.ticketspicket.com, follow Ticket Spicket on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, or call 1-855-96-TICKET to get started.