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Why go cashless?

To be cashless or not to be? That is the question. A highly debated topic amongst school administrators, event organizers, and athletic directors. Here are 3 simple reasons to embrace digital ticketing and never let go.


To get rid of paper tickets!

They are expensive to buy and timely- you have to design them, order them, then wait for them. All for a one-time use item? Also, let’s not overlook it’s better for the environment to not have them. Paper tickets = trees and also trash. You don’t want paper tickets littered around your stadium, do you?



Remember having to staff/work the ticketing booth at certain times for fans who may or may not come to purchase tickets in advance? With digital ticketing you don’t need to do that. Tickets are available to your fans 24/7 as soon as you turn sales on. No staffing required. This isn’t just easier on ADs either. Fans don’t have to get to the school during certain hours, and can plan in advance. Maybe they have family coming in next month and want to make sure they have tickets for the game? No problem, buy in advance with digital ticketing!

Payment reports.

This is the biggest time saver for ADs, and bookkeepers too. Remember every morning after the night of a game, having to count cash and match it up to the number and types of tickets sold? And how it never matched? And all the recounting? It kind of sounds silly now, especially since before, during, and after an event you can pull a report in seconds telling you exactly how many tickets were sold and what the revenue for that event is. In seconds. No counting, no matching, no using expletives when you have to do it all over again. Think about all of the good you could be doing with your time instead of counting a gate every morning. Not to mention all of the new data you now have about your fans. Adults, students, seniors, home fans, visiting fans, check-in times, redemption rates, and more all at your fingertips! Work smarter, not harder with digital ticketing.


Evaluating digital ticketing for your events?

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