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Digital Ticketing: Have Complete Control Over Your Events

One of the great things about digital ticketing is that it can really enhance how you run your events – making it a streamlined process, with data that wasn’t available with cash gates.  Having complete control over your events and gates may seem obvious, but it’s crucial for all athletic directors and student activity coordinators (from planning, to during the game, to the next day) to be in full control of their event.



As an administrator, you need to be able to control every aspect of your events – yourself.  You don’t want to have to contact someone else to perform simple tasks.  Make sure you can open sales, stop sales, open gates, close gates, reschedule a game, change the game time, cancel a game and issue refunds, edit capacity, send complimentary tickets, check on sales in real time, etc.

This is YOUR event, YOU need to be able to do whatever you need to do, for whatever reason, whenever it needs to be done.  Don’t get stuck being frustrated and having to wait around for someone else to help you.


During the event

In addition to being able to change all of the things mentioned above in real time (while you are on the move or out on the field) we need to discuss check-ins.

My stance on this is – the more options, the better.  Every school, district, and league has different needs – and one method of validating tickets may work better for one than another – so having multiple options is essential.  Let’s break down what those options look like on our platform here at Ticket Spicket. 

  1. Self check-in.  It’s easy and contactless.  Fans can open their tickets either through the app or website, and quickly hold down a button on their screen for a second, and the number of previously selected tickets will validate in a split second.
  2. The scan option is also contactless and quick.  The scanner app can be downloaded on any smartphone ,tablet, or handheld device and is used to scan the QR code on a customer’s tickets.  Scanning will work with digital tickets on phones and print-at-home tickets as well.
  3. The manual check-in is an awesome and must-have back up.  Worried about a phone dying? Someone without a smartphone?  Forgotten password?  You can help any fan by quickly searching for their name and then checking them in, right there on your app.  This is a great solution for helping fans right at the gate.  An athletic director favorite, that can be utilized simultaneously with either of the above two check-in options.


After the event

Easy-to-read and immediate game / payout reports are available and can easily be exported as soon as your game is over.  In other words, you immediately have access to your data in real-time.  With digital ticketing, you now have access to way more data than you did with just cash.  Know how to use it.  Feel comfortable finding it and interpreting it.  Most importantly, don’t forget to use it.  Understanding the insights you gain with digital ticketing can change the way you run your events now and in the future.

Want to know more about these advantages and what it can do for you?  Check back next week for a post dedicated to the power of digital ticketing data!


Evaluating digital ticketing for your events?

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Dr. Danielle LaPoint
Director of Client Success
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