Rewind to 2017…

Five years ago, I signed my school up for digital ticketing with Ticket Spicket. I didn’t know then how much stress this decision would save me.

My thought process was to be cutting-edge and provide my fans with luxury options. I didn’t know any high schools that offered online / mobile ticketing at the time, but I signed my school up anyway. I was proud that my school offered this ease-of-use option for my fans, and I also kept selling cash tickets at the gate. I could see my school switching to only digital eventually, but was slowly working towards this goal.

Fast Forward to 2020…

Then the pandemic happened – and my county went cashless overnight. I saw coworkers scurry to find online ticketing providers. I recommended Ticket Spicket for their ease of use- to both administrators and fans. I had my first cashless football game and was in awe of how much shorter my lines were, how many less people I needed to work the gate/officers to guard the money, and the detailed payment reports. It all had me sold on this new revolutionary way to manage my events. I never wanted to go back to cash boxes.

So I started becoming an expert in what digital ticketing could offer for my school and how Ticket Spicket made everyday tasks take significantly less time and be more organized- thus increasing my athletic administrator efficiency. I wanted to continue to educate myself on digital ticketing and in doing so, the advantages it had for schools just kept becoming clearer.

There are no denying benefits such as:

  • Shorter gate lines
  • Automated payment and event reports
  • New sponsor / revenue opportunities
  • Easier communication
  • Data / Insights (more info on this available here)
  • And much more…

Fast Forward to Today…

And thus, with this fast growth, came the evolution of digital ticketing. We are in, what I call, the third stage. As I see it-

  • First stage, it was a luxury
  • Second stage, it was a necessity
  • Third stage, it’s a valuable tool that is essential for athletic administrators nationwide

Digital ticketing has become one of the most important vendors out there for schools – very quickly. It’s so big, this topic deserves more than a short blog post. So Ticket Spicket is co-hosting an NIAAA webinar on the Evolution of Digital Ticketing on March 16th at 12:30pm EST.

You can register for it here: NIAAA Webinar – The Evolution of Digital Ticketing

Join in to hear more about how digital ticketing has revolutionized the way athletic administrators across the country operate. We’ll hear from some professional ADs who have embraced digital ticketing and learn all about their tips and tricks on how to get the most out of digital ticketing. Hope to see you there!


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Dr. Danielle LaPoint
Director of Client Success
Ticket Spicket

Welcome to the Ticket Spicket blog, where I create content and share quick tips, advice, and experiences for school administrators and athletic directors to increase efficiency at their school events and beyond.